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    Posted 02-16-2020 13:14
    Chad McAllister interviewed Katherine Redeka recently on his Everyday Innovator podcast about her new book "High Velocity Innovation".

    It was interesting to hear about her concept of Rapid Learning Cycles as a catalyst for speeding up innovation. A key concept was one of identifying when decisions need to be made and proactively charging the team with gathering the knowledge to be able to make those decisions on time and with confidence. She also advises to delay decisions that do not yet need to be made yet, as new information may be learned in the interim that can improve decision making.

    I thought it was something that is intuitively obvious once you hear it, but it's not something that I've heard built into an innovation framework before. Has anyone any thoughts on that, or of very deliberately identifying important decisions up front and planning them out?

    You can listen to the podcast here. Karen's website, with more information on her work, can be found at High Velocity Innovation.

    Brian Martin