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  • Hi Heather, I definitely understand what you are going through.  We recently went through a similar process at my company.  We are using the BCG format for role mandates. We started by creating 6 role mandates that cover all of the roles in the product ...

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    RE: Product Org Chart

    Hello Heather: I've seen organizations successfully grow through new product introductions with many different organization structures.  It starts, however, by looking at product development as a system with several layers including how the firm is organized, ...

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    RE: Product Org Chart

    Heather, If you're just gearing up to develop products, I have an approach that you should consider.  I don't exactly have an org chart, but the roles are well enough defined that you could build one quickly based on this approach.  The Rapid Learning ...

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Our chapter is supported by the consistent and enthusiastic commitment of many people. Serving the chapter in their many roles, the individuals listed below work to bring programming to PDMA members and the product development and management community. The leadership team is dedicated to the success of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter and is eager to hear from you regarding your suggestions and comments.

Joshua Cohen – President
Jessica Barron – VP Marketing
Michael Flanagan – VP Membership
Rohit Thali – VP Programs
Donald Sheldon – VP Finance
Nick Strickland – Sponsorship Committee Chair
Mike Cucugliello – Corporate Liaison Committee Chair
George Thomas – Board Member At Large

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