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PDMA’s kHUB is getting a new look!

By PDMA HQ posted 04-01-2021 11:35


We are proud to announce the re-launch of our Knowledge Hub (kHUB) with a fresh and streamlined look! This platform shows our thought leadership in a way that showcases PDMA’s expertise and impact for innovators and product development professionals throughout their careers. This is a natural extension of PDMA’s Body of Knowledge and organized by the seven knowledge area chapters. Thanks to your feedback in our user survey that was distributed last summer, we have implemented the following changes in our website refresh: 

  • New streamlined look 
  • Multiple language options 
  • Links to related content 
  • Improved search capabilities and navigation  
  • Read times included 
  • More content: Viewpoint Blog, kHUB Article, PDMA Webcasts, JPIM Articles, Viewpoint Blogs, Podcasts, Whitepapers 

    The PDMA kHUB is an evolving collaborative tool that facilitates the creation and exchange of product management and development knowledge and best practices, that provides the basis for individual professional development and for organizational innovation, leading to a competitive edge.  

    We will continue introduce new tools and send more tips on how to stay engaged to enhance your experience. See what we’ve improved and get engaged today!